After a few days in the center of Bali, it was time to head to some of the world-famous beaches. First on the agenda was Uluwatu, the surf mecca of Bali, where the mountains bend down to kiss the cerulean sea and leave golden sands in the wake of their embrace.


We started by exploring the ‘world famous’ Uluwatu temple, which was a bit of a disappointment. After fairly rude service from the guards, we started wandering the temple, expecting to be blown away by architechture and views that stole our breath. Unfortunately, both were a little lackluster, causing us to wonder why this was on so many ‘must-do’ lists.



The geography of the Uluwatu area makes for many amazing cliffside bars, and we availed ourselves of a couple of them. Most notable was Rock Bar in the Jimbawan area, set in a stunning resort hotel and facing the sunset. We saw some pretty amazing sunsets in Fiji, and this one was right up there with the color and light show making the overpriced drinks a little easier to swallow.



At the recommendation of our other sister, a Bali veteran, we had dinner at a restaurant called Balique, and immediately fell in love the cute French-inspired decor, charming sangria presentation, and delicious food that came out from the kitchen. Plus our waiter was adorable, getting very serious when we asked him to take a photo of us and moving this way and that to get the perfect lighting.




We spent one day on Padang Padang Beach – a tiny little alcove that’s reached through a narrow passageway in the rocks. The sand is a bit crowded with tourists and vendors trying to sell bikinis, shirts, sarongs, and more, but the color of the water and sand is truly beautiful.


Any place would have been a tough act to follow after I fell hard for Ubud, but Uluwatu made an impressive showing.

2 thoughts on “Uluwatu

  1. The temple at Uluwatu was nothing special but being located at the point of the cliff was pretty cool. I can imagine that exploring the beaches in that area was awesome.

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