Waya Island: Octopus Resort

Octopus Resort was a breath of fresh air (literally) after the hot, sleepless nights at Manta Ray. The air conditioning in our room had the entire space down to an icy 60F, and Beth and I both gave each other a look of pure gratitude as we put down our bags next to our beds. The resort itself was also very nice, clean and well laid out, similar to Blue Lagoon. The difference here was that the resort was facing the west, which meant a front-row seat to spectacular sunsets.



We had already decided (for our budgets mostly) that we would use these last two days in the Yasawas purely for relaxation – no hiking, no boating, just books and the beach. And we made good on our promise, with a little time in the pool thrown in for good measure.

The proximity to the main island of Fiji meant that Octopus was a little busier than Blue Lagoon had been, but this wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. On the second night, we joined 6 other Germans in a rousing game of trivia, which scored us a free bottle of bubbly and nearly the victory (though until the day I die I will claim we were the victors and that shit was rigged). Because we kept tying with another team, we were required to do a dance-off, which had my sister and I twerking in front of the resort guests. Mama would be proud.

Though we ultimately lost, it was the highlight of our time on the island, and were able to save a couple of the German girls from a horrible fate when they casually mentioned they were planning to hitchhike from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. I could already see the news headlines as I gave them the names of budget airlines and told them Greyhound was always an option.

We indulged in a little bit of wine, and Waya kept serving up those sunsets as our ultimate evening entertainment. We left the next day amongst the farewell song of the resort staff, relaxed and ready for our next adventure.

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