Island Hopping the Yasawas

My stomach roiled, and a cold sweat broke out on the back of my neck. I hunched over, leaning my forehead against the bus seat in front of me, and starting feverishly making deals with myself.

‘Just hang on until we’re off the bus. Just make it through the bus ride, then you can upchuck to your little heart’s content.’

My problem wasn’t that I drank the water. It was that I drank Fireball. Lots and lots of Fireball. I glanced over at my sister and she didn’t look to be faring much better than me. She was as white as a sheet, and had her head tilted back against the headrest with her eyes screwed shut. It was 7 a.m., and we were on a crowded bus heading to the Denarau Marina. Not six hours earlier, we had been drinking and swimming in the pool with a few American guys who happened to be pilots for Fiji Airways, as well as a French couple and Dutch girl. It was all fun and games, until we woke up for our ferry.

As we pulled up to the marina, I pushed past the people getting up (so SLOW!), dashed off the bus and immediately was sick in some bushes a couple of feet away, much to the amusement of our bus driver. I looked up at him in between episodes, thinking, ‘This could have been your bus, buddy. Would you have been laughing then?’

With that over and done with, I located my sister (she had managed to make it to a bathroom, classy little thing) and trudged into line to pay for our ferry tickets and prepare myself for five hours on the open seas. In the meantime, my hangover started skyrocketing into ‘Top 10 Worst Hangovers I’ve Ever Had in  My Entire Life’ territory, and didn’t stop until it reached the Top 3.

Our first sunset - before the Fireball

Our first sunset – before the Fireball

My only consolation was our itinerary for the next six nights: Two nights in Nacula at Blue Lagoon Resort, Two Nights in Naviti at Manta Ray Resort, and Two Nights in Waya at Octopus Resort.

The Resorts within the Yasawas have the tourism game down pat. Each resort has a range of accommodation from dorm rooms through to oceanfront, multi-room bures. Since there are no shopping centers or grocery stores on these small islands, you are obligated to purchase the meal packages, which range from $35 – $50/day, depending on the resort. This may seem steep (and did to our budgets!), but at least you get three solid, delicious meals that are beautifully cooked. Since we were staying in dorms, we still managed to keep costs pretty low, and felt no need to purchase additional food between meals. There is a ferry that shuttles people between islands at regular intervals each day called the Yasawa Flyer, and you can either purchase a pass on this boat or simply book one-way tickets between the islands.

Because I wanted to keep this particular blog short-ish and used most of my word count describing that truly horrendous hangover, I’ve linked to other posts that I’ve written about each island and resort that we stayed at, if you are interested in visiting Fiji yourself one day. My only tip: Stay away from the Fireball.

Nacula Island:

The northernmost point of the the Yasawa Island chain, west of the main island of Fiji. A wonderful start to the journey, which included a hike of spiritual proportions.

Naviti Island:

The best underwater experiences I’ve ever had, but a terrible sleeping experience.

Waya Island:

Closer to the main island and thus a bit busier, but a phenomenal end to our Fijian adventure.

I’ve wrapped up the Fijian experience with a budget breakdown, so you can understand exactly how ‘budget’ Fiji is in 2015.

Happy reading, xoxoxo!

Flying into Fiji, that Reef Break!

Flying into Fiji, that Reef Break!


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