It’s All Happening…

Flights are booked!

Suddenly I know what January and February are looking like, at least abstractly. I’ve booked the flights I needed to book that will get me all around Oceania and into Asia. From there, plans stop and the REAL winging it will begin.

I’ve broken all traveler advice: “Don’t plan too far ahead;” “The worst thing you can do is over-commit yourself and have to rush off when you’d rather stay,” etc. I’ve done it for a few reasons:

  1. My sister is on a timetable for some reason and doesn’t want to spend too long in any one place [silly!]
  2. I know how lethargic/lazy I can be, and I’d probably be happy to just plop myself down in the first place I love and stay
  3. New Zealand has already proven itself to be a black hole, with a gravitational force all its own, and if I didn’t pre-book my flight to leave I might have just stayed forever

So right now, here’s what it’s looking like:

Australia: 3rd January – 28th January: Sydney – Melbourne – Great Ocean Road – Uluru – Whitsunday Islands – Sydney
Fiji: 28th January – 5th February: Nadi – Mamanuca Islands – Yasawa Islands
New Zealand: 5th February – 22nd February: Auckland – Bay of Islands – Waitomo – Wellington – Nelson + Abel Tasman Park – Queenstown – Milford Sound – Auckland
Quick Stopover Back in Sydney
Indonesia: 25th February – 5th March: Seminyak – Ubud – Komodo
Thailand: 5th March until ??: The plan is spend at least 3 weeks [or more] exploring the Islands, the North, and volunteering at an elephant sanctuary!
From here: Cambodia, Vietnam, possibly Laos, the Philippines, Hong Kong, then Europe [just in time for summer]!

I’m hoping that once I’ve set the pace I’ll be able to keep myself from lingering for TOO long, but can also slow down a bit and spend the time each place demands. It’s probably for the best that the more expensive destinations will be “in n out” trips, since staying for too long could quickly deplete my bank account. In Asia, I should be able to travel at a much more leisurely pace.

So while I am still in a place of limbo, and the planner in me is a bit panicked about the lack of a detailed itinerary in New Zealand and beyond, I’m forcing myself to kick back and let the universe take care of the rest of the plans.

Now who want to join?

Until Next Time! xoxo

3 thoughts on “It’s All Happening…

  1. Feeling the excitement for you both as your adventure continues in OZ. I’m enjoying full use of Beth’s room and any clothes or shoes that I can get away with as a 55 yr old OC housewife 👍 not too many. 😜keep the pics coming as I feel part of the journey and can show family and friends. Love you.

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