A New Adventure: Vanuatu!

Absolutely nothing gets me more excited than booking a plane ticket. Well, maybe booking a plane ticket that costs $0 would get me even more excited, but that’s not likely to happen anytime soon.

Here’s some background: Australia has this obnoxious tradition of forcing you to use your vacation time over the Christmas holiday so they can close offices. So of your 20 allocated days, usually 3 – 4 are robbed of you immediately, and you must account for these when planning your year’s worth of vacations. In the US, these were “gifted” to us by a kindly CEO – not so much down here.

Because I will have to return to the US late in 2014 for a dear friend’s wedding, I know my vacation allocation is going to be tight. As in, pathetically out of alignment with my travel desires. So I had to look into my options for this week of forced time off, so as not to waste a single vacation day not exploring this corner of the world. 

And after a week of browsing flight deals while waiting for my paycheck to hit, I landed on the destination: Vanuatu. If you’re like me, you may be asking yourself, “Where the hell is that?” Well, here:

Vanuatu MapIt’s a lovely little archipelago in between Australia and Fiji. And if you haven’t heard of it, that means it’s Fiji but emptier. Perfect! It also happens to look like this:

Vanuatu-Tourist-Informatio-Centre vanuatuecosystem vanuatu Vanuatu-Le-Meridien-Resort-420x0Somehow the flight deals to Vanuatu cost a good $400 less than Fiji, and only $50 more than slightly less exotic places like New Zealand, Perth, or Broome (over on the other side of AU). So after a consultation of our finances, the English Muffin and I snapped up the last two “Super Saver Deal!” tickets between Sydney and Port Vila, and are now excitedly planning a seven day adventure between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day. It will be my first Christmas without the family, and if this is how it’s done I might never see Mom or Dad on Christmas Day again! Just joking… kinda.

If you have been to Vanuatu and have any suggestions on places to stay, visit, see, eat, etc. please send them our way!

Til next time, xoxoxo!

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