A Wedding in Mexico

Well, it finally happened – MY BROTHER GOT MARRIED!

After months and months of anticipation and planning, I jumped on a flight with my family down to Cabo San Lucas, strapped myself into a (very tasteful, swear) bridesmaids dress, and stood up at an altar on a beach trying not to ugly face cry while my brother promised to have, hold, love, protect, respect, etc. etc. his fiance for the rest of his life.

I don’t really even know where to start to describe the long weekend that was the Brown-Epler nuptials. Maybe the ridiculous five-star resort, or the private villa we rented and crammed with bridesmaids, complete with indoor AND outdoor bars, an infinity pool, and a private maid? Or maybe the AMAZING, super-emotional wedding ceremony on the beach on a perfect Mexico afternoon, followed by a delicious, bridesmaid-dress-busting dinner and dancing with some of my favorite people on the planet?

Hell, describing it doesn’t really do it justice, so here are a bunch of pictures:Flight to Cabo! The Backyard The Kitchen Spa, Anyone? Javier, Bring My Yacht Rehearsal Party Sisters and Bridesmaids Coronas All Day YayyySurprisingly, I was incredibly well-behaved at the wedding. I think it may have started with making sure I was carefully pacing myself with the wine during the meal so I didn’t end up drunkenly slurring out my portion of the speech my sisters and I prepared for my brother. The pacing must have continued, because I definitely had some fun, but between “Blackout Bethie” (baby sister’s alter-ego) appearing at the end of the evening, and my other sister shutting down the photo booth with a fit of laughter that ended rather unfortunately, I looked like the dull older sister. Maybe I’m just getting old. I did manage to get a hairful of pinot gris unintentionally splashed into my hair for stupidly taking my drink on the dance floor, so at least I smelled like I normally do on a big night out.

And then that was it – wedding was over, all the planning and panicking and payments were finished, and I was preparing to get on a plane for the last leg of my trip: the visit to Philly to see the family that couldn’t make it to the wedding. Though I was excited, I couldn’t help but feel like the balloon of excitement was slowly starting to leak air. Fortunately, my absence was making making hearts (or a heart) fonder down under, so there was still something to look forward to even when the party was over (a topic for another post entirely).

And up next: PHILLY!

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