Sin City: Las Vegas

So my epic trip back to the USA kicked off late last week. The first order of business: Las Vegas.

Because I have lived in a couple of different states in the US and have friends in both, combined with the fact that people in their twenties tend not to stay in the same place for too long, I had the fun task of trying to corral as many friends as possible into one place so I could get my quality time in with them all at once. Because I know my friends, I knew the best way to gather them from their various ports-of-call was to tempt them with a weekend of debauchery. So naturally, Vegas was the first thing that came to mind.

Growing up in SoCal meant that Las Vegas was a dangerously accessible four hour drive away, and all through college and until I moved to Seattle it was a fixture in my social life – from a spontaneous trip (jump in the car Saturday afternoon to rip it in one night), to thoughtfully planned trips for birthdays or other occasions. So coming to Las Vegas this time around brought up a strange combination of nostalgia and trepidation. Trepidation mostly because I’ve been out of practice, and Vegas is a harsh, unforgiving bitch – if you aren’t ready for her, she will chew you up and spit you back out, crumpled and broken. Kinda like this guy must have felt the next day:


I landed in LAX, was immediately collected by my best friend (Boston) and a friend from home (Orange County), and we began the familiar drive across the state of California for the Nevada border.


However, as soon as fast food restaurants were open I began my campaign to be reunited with my favorite meal on the planet: the number one from In N Out, with a few tweaks from the secret menu:

We made our way through Death Valley’s searing 115F heat and finally rounded the last desert mountain that brought The Strip into view, a place that looks dirty, smoggy, and lifeless during the day. We checked into the Wynn and immediately went to the poolside bar to work on whatever buzz we could get in the ridiculous heat.


Now, I could bore you with a detailed description of our every move thereafter, but to be completely honest I don’t even remember all them myself, plus the old adage “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” might apply for some of us, PLUS my parents read this blog and frankly Dad doesn’t really need to know the gory details, just that I had a good time with my friends.

So for those of us who were there, I have compiled a small collection of things to help jog your memory/safely remember the events of the weekend, and have included a few TOTALLY safe for work photos.

– “What if this night could last FOREVER?!”
– Being snuck into the Sports Illustrated party by Ramona the security guard because “You girls HOT”
– The crazy group of dancing chicks at the Wynn pool and the “incident” that required the K-9 unit to calm down some raging man in a cabana
– Raquel falling into the pool at XS
– Spearmint Rhino, Raquel’s new BFF
– Ben Blood’s iPhone and the hours of entertainment it provided
– Aladdin singalongs snuggled in bed with three other women
– “Hold me closer tiny dancer”

I think I can safely say that I conquered Vegas even after being a couple of years out of practice – I made it back to my parents house (mostly) in one piece and can now focus on the long-awaited wedding of my brother! Up next: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!


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