Commitment and a Massive Party

I’ve been accused of being a commitment-phobe, of not taking things seriously enough that should be taken seriously, of not finishing things I start, and was summed up in a word by an ex-boyfriend on my move to Australia: “flighty.”

That said, when I moseyed on over to my lil blog here today to make what are starting to become twice-monthly updates, I was congratulated for successfully blogging for a year. A YEAR! I forayed into blogging upon my move to Seattle and wrote several incredibly boring posts over the course of a few months before the blog finally was abandoned like an unexpected litter of puppies in a drugstore parking lot. Nobody missed it much, including me. But now here I am year later, actually sticking with blogging, and over 50 randoms from around the world are surprisingly interested enough in my writing & life to follow me, plus at least a couple dozen of you dutifully read each post I write (that number triples when I write about dating, and my heartbreak post STILL gets about one Google hit per day, through very depressing search queries).

So basically, go me, and stuff that in your pipe and smoke it Mr. Flighty.

I think it makes sense to reflect on where I was a year ago since I will be back in the US celebrating my brother’s wedding for my actual one-year Sydney anniversary and think it should be marked blogally (yep, just made it up). Trying to convey the vortex of big dreams, great expectations, trepidation and excitement that I was in is tough – I was already nostalgic for the city and life I was saying farewell to, but confident that I’d snap my fingers and re-create it. Overly confident, I see now. My optimism had lifted me out of reality, away from remembering that it’s a long, hard road rebuilding a life. And so the past year has been a rebuild in a lot of ways, a tear-down of my old comforts and a restart with some new. And if I had thought I’d done Seattle on my own, this brought that game to an entirely different level. I’m still working on being proud of myself for what I’ve done, but I’m sure in another year I’ll be mentally high-fiving, booty slapping, you-go-girling 2 years ago Jenn. I have to remind myself it’s not only the pretty colors that make the masterpiece, the shadows are what give it definition, a shape, a structure.

In other news, my flatmates and I are planning a massive housewarming party to properly break in our new abode. I spent a few minutes this morning calling around to get a keg delivered to the house Saturday (to my college frat boy friends, the price of keg here is appalling – you’d have to charge a hell of a lot more than $5/cup to get your cash back on these), and to showcase my American heritage I will be encouraging everyone to binge-drink via flip cup, beer pong, and other such collegiate diversions. I’m afraid my Aussie and English flatmates can’t really bring as much to the table – when it comes to creative drinking Americans have cornered the market I think.

Onward and upward, here’s to Year 2! Xoxoxo!

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