Trying to Keep My Head Above Water

I can try to use my laziness at setting up a new internet connection at home as an excuse for not keeping up the blog, but since I have this handy iPhone app that lets me blog from anywhere, that’d be a pretty piss-poor excuse. So let me try to outline some of the other reasons why I’ve been so slack:

  1. I’ve Moved
    Duh, right? Isn’t that what my last three – five posts have been about? Yes, the prep and post of moving is time-consuming, as is getting used to a new routine where blogging doesn’t fit in as much as it used to. I also now have housemates, which leaves me less time alone in my head and more time actually speaking to someone other than the dog; you know, someone who actually answers my questions back? Which means I have less time to sit alone and develop my deep philosophical ideas that absolutely must be shared with the world. Plus even when the house is empty, I can hear every. single. thing. the neighbors next door are doing, so I’ve been too busy blessing them when they sneeze through the wall to think about writing.
  2. I’ve Started Expanding My Horizons
    Or just finding another outlet for drinking outside of work functions and Friday nights. I signed up for a wine education class with a couple of friends to tutor myself on the merits of Australian big-girl grape juice. So far, I’ve learned I’m shit at describing what I’m tasting, which is pretty sad for someone who studied words on such an intense level for so many years, but I’m going to look past that for now. This is part of my “learn something new every six months” self-imposed, post-university education system. Next I think I’ll do a brush-up on Spanish, because I really don’t need another reason to drink on a weeknight. Mostly because…
  3. My Work Life Just Exploded
    I’ve officially taken over one of my agency’s biggest accounts, I’ve had to learn a thousand new things in the course of taking this over, and my expanded role means every sales rep in Sydney is humping my leg for a meeting, or drinks, or lunch, or whatever will keep me out of the office for an inordinate amount of time. Which I can’t do because we have a few giant projects to get off the ground in the next four weeks that have had me working until 8 p.m. most nights when work parties aren’t dragging me out the door at 6, if I even go to them at all. Passing up a party to get work done? What have I become?
  4. My Social Life Also Exploded
    Partially from the new coworkers becoming friends, partially from the new flatmates becoming friends, and partially from my friends suddenly deciding that we need to regularly catch up for drinks/dinners/brunches, I’m now at the point where I have to schedule nights off. My “bikini bridesmaid” diet has been massively derailed by too much work, too much food, and too much drink. So please don’t mind my flabby photos that will be coming out in a few weeks – at least I’m enjoying myself.

In other news, I am still breathlessly anticipating my trip home to the US – the girls’ weekend suite at the Wynn has been booked, the flight back to Philly will be by tomorrow, and I’ll be looking for swimsuits for pool parties and the hot the beaches of Cabo San Lucas in between all of the above craziness.

Here’s to not slowing down, xoxoxo!

There are worse parties to be invited to, yeah??

Bachelor Awards!

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