So a few posts ago I had mentioned some changes to my life to help me through the winter. Kicking off with a career reboot, I figured I might as well keep the positive momentum by overhauling other parts of my life.

So, I’m moving! As much as I’ve loved walking around in the nude and hated having to fend off spiders on my own, I’ve come to the conclusion that I actually don’t prefer living alone (my friend Raquel called it). Coming from a family of six where personal space and silence was rarer than pygmy unicorn, I had expected to love unfettered access to a bathroom, silence when I wanted it, and living in my own squalor instead of that created by someone else. After ten months, I’m ready to trade it in for the camaraderie of roommates.

I’m also changing location, from the transient town of Bondi Beach to the more settled (and arguably posher) neighborhood of Paddington. It’s closer in to the city and reminds me a good deal of Queen Anne, where I lived in Seattle. The house we found is perfect – directly across from a big park, a couple of blocks from the shops and restaurants, with a big backyard for the pup. Probably best part of all? I can walk to work on nice days in about 20 minutes. How’s this for a kicker – my new street name is Brown Street. So basically, I own the street, yeah?
My House!

Here She Is!

I’m on the hunt for a final flatmate (what we call roommates here in Australia), and have already found another awesome one through the interwebs. It’s all promising to be an amazing step into new friends, new places, and settling a little more deeply into Sydney.

Til next time, xoxoxo!

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