…And Then, Winter


Winter has finally hit Sydney, it appears. After a four-day Easter weekend spent enjoying time with friends in the sunshine and 80-degree weather, I woke this morning to the sound of furious raindrops against the windows.

As had been my custom for the last five months, I slipped on my flip flops and went to walk my dog for his morning round. I opened the security door to my apartment block and almost stepped into a flowing river, ready to sweep us both away and into the sea, never to be seen again.

Okay that might be a little dramatic, but there was at least an inch of water rising quickly in any depression in the pavement in my little suburb. Sydney is a bit of a drama queen (maybe that’s why we tend to clash every so often), and her transition from summer to winter had all the hallmarks of a diva in a mood swing. Raindrops the size of quarters were pushed sideways into faces by violent wind gusts, making umbrellas useless. Traffic jammed every road and side street, making a normally-10-minute commute to the train station last 40. And magically, everyone was suddenly in sweaters, boots, scarves, and socks. For the first time in months, I put socks on. Winter had arrived.

Fortunately, the weekend prior was beautiful, four days long, and filled with things like Easter lunches, hot cross buns (my first time trying them. FYI, delicious), lawn bowling (also a first), brunches, and day drinking with friends while making new ones. Oh, and losing my cell phone (so if you’ve been trying to contact me, I’m NOT ignoring you). Since some major shifts have happened in my struggle to settle here in Sydney, it’s appearing that they may have started a domino effect, with more changes possible on the horizon. I’m not opposed to some things staying exactly the same, but maybe a “re-do” in more ways than one is what I need to power through this wet, glum season of short days, long nights, and no holidays to break up the monotony.


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