Starting Fresh

After a luxurious three weeks spent lapping up the sun in both Thailand and my own Bondi Beach, the Australian Department of Immigration got around to sending my visa sponsorship to my new agency, and I was legally allowed to begin work.

The interlude between jobs was a strange one for me. Usually, holidays still have a slight hazy fog of the work left behind in the office tugging at the corners of my happiness and presence in the here and now. But I had abandoned my fretting over the past in the pages of this blog, and I knew next to nothing about what awaited me in the next phase of my career, so there was nothing to indulge the worrywart in my brain with, except maybe questioning if staying in Sydney and continuing my career in advertising was the right thing to do.

My brain was literally vacated from care about corporate things for these three weeks, other than an hour or so spent outlining my goals for the next 12 months with my new company to ensure I didn’t show up and just drift around, waiting for direction that may never come. My uncle sent me a gift that I received a few days after my return from Thailand that was such a well-timed act of providence that I have no doubt a higher power of some sort influenced his sending it. Guided by this gift, the creative side of my newly-vacated brain began dreaming, and the pragmatic side of it began planning, and I started to lay the foundation of my next five-year plan. The ideas that I have are still too new and tender for me to be comfortable sharing them publicly yet – I don’t want them to be crushed under the weight of doubts and rolled eyes when I myself am still working on believing in them enough to put them in motion. You will find out soon enough, though.

And then, I started work. And any doubts I have had about the decisions I’ve made in the last few months were eradicated, at least for now. There is a fundamental clicking I feel at my new place of business, with my new team, that I hadn’t felt even once at my last place of work. I believe that this is another important part of my journey, that there are people here that I am supposed to meet, that I will be gaining ever more valuable experience from this career that has given me a wealth of transferable skills that I can take into the world with me, should these dreams and plans started during my mini-sabbatical put down roots and grow.

If you’ll allow me to indulge in the metaphor that the name of this blog created (and I had no idea how apt it was when I chose it almost a year ago): I landed in Oz with my little dog, I faced down the Wicked Witch of the (Inner) West and her flying monkeys, I have made a few great friends who have helped me on this journey immensely, and I think I may quite possibly be very close to finally seeing the Wizard. Or perhaps once I’ve found him, I’ll realize it had been me all along.

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