I had the pleasure of meeting Melbourne for the first of what I plan to be many times. Such a great city, at least at first glance – shops, cafes, fine dining galore, a beach (even if it can’t rival Sydney’s), and best of all, MY COUSINS! My cousin Kelly has been in Melbourne since September, and we’ve had the chance to meet up three times since her arrival down under, but always in Sydney or Noosa. My cousin Ericha had just arrived in early January, but had been busy doing the things you do when you’re studying abroad in a foreign country, and I hadn’t been able to lure her down from Queensland until this past weekend. So a glorious reunion in Melbourne was staged, and we were all excited and happy about the good fortune of overlapping expatriation in the same nation (poet, heyyyy).


We’re Related – YAY!

After a relatively cringe-worthy Friday night that robbed me of both my voice and my dignity (think one of the more embarrassing episodes of Girls – awkward sweaty dancing, saying embarrassing things to relative strangers, multiple social faux pas, etc.) in St. Kilda, we spent most of the rest of the weekend bonding, eating LOTS of Ben and Jerry’s, and sampling the local cuisine around the city and South Yarra, the suburb where my cousin lives. It was great to spend time with people who at least partially share my genetic code, to catch up, and to compare notes on the weirdness of living in an English-speaking country but still feeling ridiculously out of place. Considering the tumultuous last few months I’ve been having, hearing the familiar Philly accent and tell-it-like-it-is advice of my cousins left me with a pretty serious “holiday hangover” come Monday. There’s nothing like a few days of connecting to make you feel alone, huh?

So Monday dawned a rainy kind of overcast that made me ache for Seattle (weird, I know), which did nothing to improve my mood or push me into a more positive frame of mind. Fortunately, a friend from home telepathically picked up on my shit mood from 11,000 miles away and treated me to an hour-long phone conversation that more or less rid me of my Debbie Downer attitude. After that, I was able to face the challenges of the week with renewed vigor (or at least cast off my grumpy cat face).

grumpy cat

This is Grumpy Cat

If you’re interested in where we ate:

Republic Cafe

Misty’s American Diner

Senoritas Mexican Restaurant

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