The (Other) Land of the Free

Yesterday, Annie and I parked ourselves in front of our respective laptops, ordered in Thai, cracked a bottle of cold white wine, and voided our bank accounts of several hundred dollars in exchange for a round-trip flight between Sydney and Bangkok.

Wikipedia tells me that the Thai people call their country “The Land of the Free” since they were one of the few Asian countries never colonized by a European power. Considering Annie and I are also from a “Land of the Free,” my instincts tell me that we’ll get along with Thailand quite nicely.

Thailand was never on my travel to-do list until a couple of years ago, when my sister and a few of her friends flew out there to meet up with my brother on his epic round-the-world college grad trip. After seeing her photos and hearing her stories, I knew it was time to do a little recon on travel destinations in the continent of Asia. When I accepted my role in Sydney, a driving factor in coming to this corner of the world was that my reconnaissance could now become an active mission (should I choose to accept it). So when Annie casually texted me a few weeks ago about planning a trip for her birthday, I was on it like curry on rice. Sorry, bad joke.


Photo Credit: Jessie Brown

So our tentative game plan is as follows:

Leave Sydney, landing Singapore for a 15 hour, overnight layover. Rage in Singapore for 15 hours.
Fly from Singapore to Bangkok, spend a day & night in Bangkok seeing the sights.
Fly from Bangkok to Phuket, hang out in Phuket for a day/two days.
Hit the islands. On the list now: Krabi, Koh Lanta Yai, and Koh Phi Phi.

We have 7 days not including travel, so I now ask my lovely readers/friends:

– What would you do with 15 hours in Singapore (including an evening)?
– Is there anything on our destinations list we should skip?
– Is there anything we simply can NOT miss?

Comment below with your Thailand travel tips, I cannot WAIT!

Buzzing on a travel high in Sydney, xoxoxo!

4 thoughts on “The (Other) Land of the Free

  1. I’m also planning a trip to Thailand! You will have to let me know if you think Bangkok is a safe city for me to travel through alone. So, I’ve never been there but I do have hotel recommendation that I have heard great things about, in Bangkok. It’s called Hotel Lebua. If you already have a hotel, you could always just stop by Lebua’s “sky bar” which is supposed to be amazing with a 360 view of the city. I’m so jealous. Have fun!

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