Choosing the Cast Wisely

I’ve been spending the better part of the last couple of weeks wallowing in all the things going wrong in my new life in Sydney. Allowing myself to be mentally consumed by the things that aren’t clicking into place they way I had expected, or at the very least hoped, they would. I suppose it’s foolish of me to think I’d move here and my life would be fantastic on every level immediately. That everything would click and I’d be flying high, loving everything just as I had by the time I left Seattle. My overly-optimistic outlook is likely partly (or wholly) to blame for this.

So yesterday I made a choice. There are plenty of things I simply can’t change. And rather than scrutinize those things, let the unhappiness they create get the prime parking spot in my brain, and let them color and cloud my new life, I am going to minimize them. It will be difficult, because some of the things I will have to stop focusing on are things I spent the better part of the last six years of my life putting on center stage. But I have faith that I can teach myself to let those things go for a little while and focus my heart, attention, and thoughts on the things that are making life here beautiful.

Some of these are easy to spot: I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Just walking down the street is amazing and lovely if I take the time to look around instead of walking with my head down, cursing the things that happened that day. I have already made some really great friends, and more are added regularly. I live in a vibrant, colorful city that has almost too much to offer by way of culinary exploration, art, and amazing beaches. I am gainfully employed alongside some really great people in an industry where I’m given the opportunity to have a lot of fun outside the office (and sometimes inside it too). I have an apartment in a great location with more than I could possibly need to live as comfortably as possible. I have the means and ability to travel if I choose, near and far. I have so much more than I have not, and even if the things that aren’t clicking used to be a primary driver in my life, maybe life is just telling me that it is time to let those things become supporting characters instead of the star of the show.

Wish me luck, xoxoxo!

5 thoughts on “Choosing the Cast Wisely

  1. I just found your blog via the lovely Annie and I can already feel tons of comments coming on, in a good way.
    I totally know how you feel. Even on my WORST day in Sydney (and I had LOADS), I would just take a book and sit in front of the Opera House and think, can it get better then this?!?!??! What would I be doing if I was home now? And that always made me feel better:-).

    • Aw thanks Rebecca! I know it’s so easy to get caught up in the “small stuff” and the things that won’t matter years from now. I think I needed to get my head wrapped around what matters about being here. Will I remember the Barrier Reef, holding a koala, feeding a kangaroo, road tripping up the coast? You bet. Will I remember stupid office politics and struggling to make deep friendships? Probably not for long. Thanks for reading and looking forward to the comments! 🙂

  2. I look at your life and think there can’t be one thing wrong with it, and I wish so much I was in your position right now. Isn’t that how it goes…

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