The Third Wheel and Tired Feet

Since I’ve been living away from my place of birth and the home of my parents for the better part of four years now, my parents have done their paternal/maternal duty by booking plane tickets, packing bags, and lugging themselves to whichever corner of the world I’ve decided to fling myself into. Whenever they come visit, I always love the time we spend together – it’s entertaining for me to see their faces light up with the same delight I feel for the place I’ve chosen to call home.

By accident or design, my parents usually make their appearance when I’m single (excepting their third visit to Seattle to meet my ex boyfriend), which generally leads to me being the third wheel on their adventure. Not that they mind (in fact, they’ll probably laugh at me when they read this), but it does mean that the photos that will invariably be taken in the dozens will usually only feature two of the three of us, and if we happen upon a particularly romantic view I’m hanging back kicking rocks while they take it in holding hands.

Regardless, we’ve been traipsing all over Sydney the last couple of days. I was able to take a half day at work on Friday. My departure from the office coincided perfectly with a freak hailstorm, which paved the way for bright skies and heavy heat. We wound through Hyde Park, St. Mary’s Cathedral, The Royal Botanic Gardens, the Opera House (which was awaiting Prince Charles’ arrival!), Circular Quay and the Rocks, where my dad and I grabbed a couple of brews at the Argyle. Saturday consisted of a revisit to the Argyle (not for beers this time, but because my mom managed to leave her camera there), jumping on a ferry and heading over to Manly for the day. My dad and I once again partook in 4 Pines Microbrew over lunch, we walked the beach, had the typical tourist photo shoot on the ferry, and wound up the second day in a row collapsing my apartment with tired feet, not able to do much more but sip wine, watch British television (which my father loves) and fall asleep very, very early.

Tomorrow we take on the Blue Mountains – updates to come soon!

Til then, xoxoxo

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