Family Time!

My parents have arrived down under! Unfortunately their arrival was perfectly timed with me coming down with a nasty Australian strain of the common cold that my poor American immune system simply couldn’t cope with, and I’ve been a sniffly, hoarse-throated, hacking mess.

But, that aside, it’s been wonderful to have them around the last couple of days. My mom promptly overstuffed the kitchen, my dad has already hit the hardware store to help me resolve problems that require a dad or boyfriend to resolve, and we’re gearing up for a big Great Barrier Reef adventure next week. I’m looking forward to seeing yet another amazing part of the country that’s now home for me with a couple of my favorite people.

It does feel out of context to see the most constant thing in my life – my parents – contrasted against the backdrop of a place that has been symbolic of quite tumultuous change in my life. There will be times when I slip into the assumption that I’m simply at home in California, in a new apartment by the beach with my parents stopping by, not halfway around the globe, in a new apartment by the beach with my parents coming for a two-week visit.

So my once-quiet fortress of solitude that I had to fill with top-of-lung singing, self-conversation and other various silence-breakers is now teeming with life: a wagging dog, a bustling, cleaning mother, and a handyman father. I can’t say I mind even one bit.

Til next time, xoxoxo!

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