I found this during my standard daily commute Internet trolling (you know, Facebook, blog reader, Pinterest, etc.), and I like the concept it represents. Having spent a short period of my life knowing what it meant to truly live in the moment and not constantly focus on the next step, or what’s lacking, or what is yet to be done, I’ve tried my best to infuse that into “real life.”

And so I’ll also try to do this weekly in my blog. As my life here gets busier and busier, I’ll make an effort to post weekly the things I’ve come across in the virtual and real world that have made me happy. Here’s my first crack at it:

20121026-200136.jpgSteve Jobs chihuahua

20121026-200215.jpgOne of the Awesome Sculptures By The Sea in Bondi on my Morning Run

20121026-200508.jpgMy Bestie’s Gorgeous Little Babe’s Fro

20121026-200930.jpgA Reminder

20121026-200556.jpgMy Baby Sister’s Drunk Texts at Thirsty Thursday at her College

20121026-200745.jpgA Delicious and Healthy Dinner for One (please don’t mind the mess)

20121026-201118.jpgCakes Being Cut by Samurai Swords

Til Next Time, xoxoxo!

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