Busy Busy, Rush Rush

You know those times when time seems to move so… slowly… and it seems like nothing is actually happening, that you’re just in a perpetual state of suspension? Waiting for the next thing, but it’s just not quite time?

And then you turn around and suddenly everything is happening and you feel hopelessly behind on every level of life?

Let’s just say I’ve flipped from the former to the latter in the blink of an eye. From work to personal life to social engagements, it seems from the second I stepped on the plane to go to Brisbane and beyond, it’s been non-stop. Even despite my conscious attempts to pump the breaks.

So some updates below, and apologies for the long silence:

– My pup finally arrived in the Land Down Under! He is currently in quarantine adjusting to his first time being kenneled in his 6 years of existence. It was a bumpy start according to Alana, the Australian Quarantine Service employee who is assigned to Jameson. He didn’t eat at all on day one, would hardly move from his bed for the first few days, and seemed very confused (I would be too if I were him), but as of my last update he’s been eating fine, leaving his little enclosure for some sunbathing, and even barking at people passing his cage that are strangers.  I’m debating whether or not to haul out there to visit him (of course, visiting is only during work hours). I’m not sure if it would help or hurt, so I’m just going to keep checking in with Alana and as long as he seems to be OK I’ll probably let him be.

– I went to the races at Royal Randwick Racecourse in Sydney. I was the guest of one of the major media publishers that I work with, and it was very classy and VIP; think oysters, champagne and fascinators. It was a drizzly and rainy Saturday immediately after a scorching 85-degree Friday, which put a damper on the experience a tiny bit, but after a couple of glasses of bubbly it didn’t matter much. There was an afterparty at The Woolahra Hotel, which, after a full day of drinking, devolved into a pretty hilarious scene, with impromptu dancing and singing from some of my colleagues. I think we’re all thankful that the afterparty is a little hazy in the memory of all.

 The next day I was nursing a pretty decent hangover, and there’s no better way to work through a hangover than getting a little exercise right? Annie and I decided to do the 10 km (round trip) Bondi – Coogee walk, a gorgeous seaside mini-hike that wasn’t high impact enough to be painful, but was enough for me to sweat out the last of my demons and have a good catchup with Annie. Here’s a picture of a lovely discovery we had along the way.

– And lastly, my parents are coming for a visit! My mom will be here November 1st, followed by my dad on the 7th. They’re both leaving on November 20th, so I have a good stretch of time to show them around. I’m brainstorming ideas for what we can do (New Zealand? Melbourne? Both?) as well as making lists for things I need to do to make my house guest-friendly (A new set of sheets! A blanket! Extra keys!). Part of me can’t believe they’re actually going to get on a plane and circle the globe, but I guess I shouldn’t be all that surprised with two jet-setting daughters (soon to be three). My employed sister is currently in Mexico City for work, and my student sister is jetting off to Spain early next year for her study abroad semester.

Hopefully I can find some time to slow everything down while they’re out here and shake the feeling the I’m desperately behind on everything in my life.

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