Road Trip Day 1: Traveling and Noosa

Despite attending yet ANOTHER awards ceremony on Thursday night that had me gallivanting around, I found myself rudely awakened from the reparative slumber I needed by my alarm clock. At 4 a.m. So I could hop on a bus and two trains to get myself to the airport for my 6:20 a.m. flight. I chugged as much of the crappy $3 instant coffee that I could on the hour and a half flight to Brisbane, and the excitement of embarking on a new adventure carried me through once we’d landed, secured our car, and hit the highway to Noosa to meet up with my cousin. The Awesome Superfast Gold Coast Roadtrip had begun!

The Evening Prior
On The Road!
We got into Noosa around 10:30, too early to actually check in, so I surreptitiously changed into a bathing suit and shorts the parking garage and walked the 10 minutes it took to get to the beach. On the pathway I encountered some Queensland unique flora and fauna, namely these beautiful pink spikes and these strange creatures I started referring to as beach turkeys. I became minorly obsessed with capturing the perfect picture of the beach turkey, but the best I could do was these two.




I spent an hour lazing on the beach with my travel companion, Josh, a friend I had met at work. We soaked up the sun while waiting for my cousin and the hotel room to become available. And what an hour! The morning sun felt wonderful, the superfine sand felt lovely between my toes, the green-blue ocean in front of me was beautiful, and the sounds of waves and gulls instantly put me into a Corona advert state of mind. Here’s an idea of how amazing it is:

After blissing out for a bit, I headed back to check in and meet my cousin. We grabbed lunch (with wine, duh) and hit the beach for the rest of the afternoon. It was glorious! We caught up on the last couple of years, had lots of girl talk (fortunately our male traveling companion had fallen asleep in the sun by this point), and had a few laughs. In lieu of dining out, we opted to barbecue back at the hotel in true Aussie style, then headed to a local Irish pub called SoGo. Cheapest vodka sodas I’ve found so far in Oz ($5)! Gotta love the Irish. We crashed out pretty early so we could get up and get on the road.




All in all, not a bad first day. Not much driving considering it’s a roadtrip and all, but we had over 300 km to cover the next day. A day of beaches, white wine, and relaxing seemed the perfect way to kick it all off.

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