I had the most truly Bondi hipster weekend – and I loved it. Saturday kicked off with meeting Annie at the corner of our respective streets so we could go to the Bondi farmers market for our weekend groceries. We spent the next hour sipping long blacks and perusing the local veggies along with all the moms in yoga gear and model-esque Bondi locals like we belonged. I went home, stashed my healthy/local/organic loot in the fridge, then donned my own yoga gear to participate in my first Barre class at the studio half a block from my house. I nearly passed out twice and almost vomited once, but I bounced out of there with a red face and freshly tightened tush (which I’d like to think was admired by the crew of Aussie men parked at the cafe across the street from my apartment).

I spent the afternoon doing more home decorating shopping at the local megamall, then rushed home to change for a girls night on the town. The theme for the evening was “underground bars reminiscent of Prohibition-era speakeasies,” which was incredible and made me feel like I should’ve been wearing a dress instead of my sassy pants (they’re red, FYI).

The first place, The Baxter Inn, was a low-key pub space with brick walls, green velvet, and a ridiculous scotch selection (Dad or Matt, I’ll take you here when you visit). They also happen to make a pretty kickass gimlet, which is rare and appreciated by a connoisseur like myself. The bar is nearly impossible to find unless you’re looking for it, since it’s at the end of a dark alley that women in scary movies or Law and Order always seem to be in when they run into trouble. We then went to Palmer & Co., also down an alley (better lit, but with a bum). This place didn’t even pretend to not be an homage to the Prohibition, with waitresses in flapper dresses and the bartenders in 20s-era vests and hats (which makes all men devastatingly sexy). The atmosphere is amazing, and the drink we ordered was truly a work of art. So much so that we had three each.

These coasters seemed so clever after two drinks…

So we decided to pose with them after three.

Then today, I got a true taste of summer. Sunshine, sand, salt. A few hours on the beach, and it was so completely restorative. It’s still spring, but springtime in Sydney is pure anticipation for upcoming summer. As much as I love this season for its own merits, I can almost taste this summer. Salty lips, wet hair, sandy bare feet, warm sun on the skin. That feeling of a hot summer night swirling around your loose-fitting clothes, skin still sun-warmed from the day that preceded. How liberating it is to be freed from the constraints of sweaters, jackets, and boots. We get hints of it on days like today, and each time the summer weather kisses the city you can feel something starting to rise. A promise. This summer is going to beachy days and hot nights. Making noise and staying out late. Exploring new places and people, soaking up this gorgeous place that is slowly becoming home. I sat at a cafe across the street from my apartment with Annie this afternoon, sipping a glass of cold white wine and watching the people pass by, and I could feel the goosebumps despite the heat. This thing I’ve been chasing my entire adult life, it’s happening. I’m already loving every second.

20120923-194858.jpgI know, it’s a tough life I’ve carved out for myself.

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