The Difference A Year Makes

This video is incredible: A Dutch filmmaker went around his home country and filmed people stating their ages into the camera (it’s in Dutch, but if you know any European language you should be able to follow it). It goes from age one through 100, and it’s amazing to see how life seems so short (the entire clip is less than 3 minutes), but to realize how much was packed into the few empty seconds that separate one year from the next. Rather than focus on trying to follow the numbers they’re saying (like I did the first time I watched this), look at the faces, see the pride reflected in the voices and faces of the older group of people, like they earned every single one of those years they say into the camera. See the hope and innocence of the kids, and think about what each and every one of these people must have seen, done, and endured up until the point when they looked into this camera. It’s overwhelming to imagine.

What have you packed into this past year? I hope you’ve made mistakes, it means you’re growing. I hope you got closer to happiness, or achieved a higher level of it. I hope you took risks that paid off, and some that didn’t. I hope you lived your life in such a way that when a young filmmaker asks you if you don’t mind saying “Eighty” into a camera when you’ve reached that age, you can say it with the same pride that the people in this video did. This year has been a big one for me – I’ve taken risks, made mistakes, pushed myself to become better, to squeeze everything I can out of this life I’ve been given. I hope it’s been the same for you.

And if it hasn’t, here are a few things that might inspire you:

Things that are proven to make you happy

Ten actions that always bring happiness [This whole blog is a goldmine]

This couple quit their jobs and decided to travel. What an inspiration! Here is their instruction on how to live the life you always dreamed.  They really have it figured out despite being young.

 Don’t be afraid to live a big life. It’s not only your right, it’s your responsibility.

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