Week 5: Putting Down Roots

The winter weather finally blew into Sydney this past weekend, with gusty winds and some actual rain. I was starting to think winter was some magical sunshine-filled wonderland, so I’m secretly glad that Sydney isn’t 100% perfect, because that means it’s real and not some dream I haven’t woken up from yet.

We made the most of it by having a long Friday work lunch at an awesome tapas place in McMahon’s Point called Delicado Foods, complete with a delicious bottle of Spanish wine. While we were enjoying things like chorizo and squid ink risotto, a client called one of my colleagues and invited him to an event they were putting on in the city that evening, called Thre3style, where the top DJs in Oz have to spin three different genres of music in 15 minutes. The DJ with the most skills and cheers wins. Since he got four tickets and there four of us at lunch, we made plans for the evening. It was actually pretty fun, considering the music wasn’t all house or dance or whatever, but a good mix of songs.

I’m doing this on my phone, so all photos will be at the bottom of my post until I can fix them tomorrow!

It ended up being a rather late night, but I got myself home and in bed in time to go furniture shopping for my new place at a relatively decent hour. While I was lamenting the lack of Crate and Barrel and Anthropologie home, I had the good luck of being told of a magical home decorating mall just south of Surry Hills. So I hopped on a bus, got to the mall, and started melting plastic. But I secured a couch (with a queen pullout bed for mom and dad), a TV, a mattress and bed, and all the small appliances a house needs (microwave, vacuum, etc.) I’m planning on getting most of my other items via the Australian version of Craigslist (called Gumtree) for two reasons: 1. I’m nearly out of my moving allowance 2. I like a home with a little character, and I’m itching to DIY something. I did happen to find a woman who rehabs furniture as a hobby on the side of being a mom to two boys here in Sydney, and her style is how I want to decorate my house, only better. So I cleaned her out because she sells her items for a bargain! I’ll post details of the decorating process as I do it (so men, prepare to be bored, ladies, prepare to be thrilled!) and yes, I’ll post pics!

Spending money is exhausting, so instead of another night out I opted for a quiet dinner with my friend Annie and her boyfriend at Bondi Pizza, so I can start to feel like a local Bondi hipster. We got the lamb pizza and the Legendary Italian, which I really wanted to get partially because Annie’s BF is Italian and I think that’s a pretty epic nickname. And a killer banana chocolate dessert concoction that made me wish it was politically correct to just faceplant into a dish and eat with abandon. The warm food and dark, low-lit ambience of the restaurant was perfect for a blustery, rainy, chilly night, and after working up a major appetite spending all kinds of money, it totally hit the spot.

I officially picked up the keys to my new apartment today, and the moving begins Saturday, when I’ll have rented a van and will be driving in Oz for first time! Gulp. I’m getting help from a local friend (who I might make drive because I am terrified of accidentally driving off the Harbor Bridge or turning onto the wrong side of the road), and my furniture will slowly be trickling in over the next two weekends.

I’m now in nesting mode, so you’ll have to forgive me if this blog looks like an HGTV episode for the next few weeks. I’ll try to balance it out as well as I can with more fun explorations and embarrassingly personal inner thoughts and philosophies.

Until then, xoxoxoxo!




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