Flying High: A Birthday Post

So today is my birthday in Sydney (tomorrow in the States), and I have to thank the birthday fairies and everyone who sent me good vibes after my last post, because I signed a lease on an apartment 4 blocks from the sand in Bondi yesterday! I promise to post pictures as soon as I’m in it and have it in relatively decent condition. I love everything about it except that it’s mostly carpet and has an electric stove/oven, but I’ve realized the perfect place is like a unicorn or great white buffalo – just not gonna show up on my doorstep anytime soon. I now have about a week and a half to get furniture purchased and ready for delivery. And photos will abound! And hopefully visitors too! It’s right in the middle of all the cafes and shops too, so I’m excited for culinary explorations to commence.

To celebrate my birthday (which is, for the first time ever, in the middle of winter), I decided to take a trip down memory lane, and remember my last several birthdays fondly:

2005 – Mykonos, Greece. Perfection.

Mykonos2006 – Celebration in Laguna and trip to New York and Philadelphia with ex BF #1


2007 – Black hole. Cannot remember. Help.


2008 – Another trip to New York (solo this time) to celebrate with my birthday twin, Mario!

This is just a pic of me and Mario at his wedding – I can’t find the karaoke pictures!

Birthday Twin!

2009 – Las Vegas with CA friends and ex BF #2. Enough said.


2010 – A visit home to CA from Seattle to party with my girls. Part of a summer I don’t think any of us will forget for a while. And totally wearing the same dress from the year before…


2011 – Celebrating with friends in Seattle and a trip to Bend, OR with ex BF #3


2012 – Celebrations with new friends in Sydney, Australia (we will be going to Agave Restaurante tonight)

In My BellyIf I can detect a theme running through any of this, it’s a revolving door of locations, groups of friends, and men. One of these ex boyfriends recently called me “flighty.” I guess after looking at this I can’t really argue with that too much.

Here’s to never touching the ground.

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