Apartment Hunting is a BEAR

Trying to find an apartment in Sydney is proving to be more of a pain in the ass than I had originally anticipated. Add to that the fact that there are so many different types of property and I’m still waffling on exactly where to live, and I’ve been running all over the city on my weekends and lunch breaks and haven’t applied for ANYTHING.

The Bondi apartments I see are depressingly poorly-maintained, usually missing something I really rely on, like a dishwasher or washing machine. There are apartments in the hip parts of the city that cost about the same, with most of these amenities plus usually something else cool like a gym or pool, but they’re not near the beach. My last option is to share a house/townhouse of sorts with someone else, meaning not only do I need to find the appropriate property, I also need to find the appropriate roommate. Double the work! So I’m leaving it to any interested bystanders or friends reading this blog – WHERE SHOULD I LIVE?? Please vote below!

4 thoughts on “Apartment Hunting is a BEAR

  1. Hello, your living in paradise for a period of your life why not take advantage of the beaches that very few will ever be able to see! Beach is a place of Zen and a place you can go reflect on when you miss the HG. 🙂 I agree whole heartedly with the amenities but I have chosen apartments with such amenities and never touched them, it was the allure of possibility that sucked me in.

    Go for the beach… best amenity around!!

  2. I think you should go for the beach if you can find a place that’s clean. So you may have shag carpet and polyester curtains, big deal! Those things can be fixed or completely ignored. Do a short term lease and move if it’s miserable. How many times are you going to be able to live in Australia near the beach? More times than me, that’s for shizzy. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

  3. You grew up by the beach in one of the most sought after places in the world! Time to live in a city and experience the noise, weird smells, rude people, and rooftop bars. Plus, less time driving, more walking. Better food in the city (usually). And more bars…duh. Seems like an easy decision. 😉 Also getting a roommate would make making new friends easy…ya? Good luck either way luv.

  4. This is the most agonizing decision ever! And Drew, you are forgetting that the past 3 years were in the middle of Seattle… no beach in sight! I’m pursuing all angles, but keep the feedback coming, it helps!

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