Bondi, Bondi, Bondi

Yesterday I decided to explore Bondi, a place I was told I absolutely HAD to see before I decided where to live. So yesterday I jumped on the train and headed out the beach east of the city to see what all the fuss was about.

I encountered this little guy on my way, a weird excuse for a goose, perhaps?


I chose a great day to go – it was sunny and warm and, well, perfect. I did inspections of apartments, the Australian rental market’s weird way of leasing out properties. Basically, they open the apartment/house up for about a half an hour, and as many people as are interested in the home can come in and take a look. I inspected three apartments total, and was a little disappointed by the condition of most of them. I was warned that landlords in Bondi don’t take care of their units as much as in other parts of the city, since so many people want to live there and will pay the money for a crappy place. I don’t mind a little character, but I need at least a shower that doesn’t make me cringe. I ended up only putting an application in one place, and even that I probably wouldn’t take unless the landlord was willing to replace the sink in the bathroom (which was actually running during the inspection, visibly broken).

I did, however, realize what all the fuss was about, and it’s now a serious contender for my future permanent residence. Except for the commute to work, which will require a bus and two trains, it’s beautiful. A little seedy in some parts on the south end of the beach, but I can definitely see why so many expats gravitate to it. It’s like a cross between Newport Beach and the boardwalk in the East Coast (Wildwood or something similar), minus the guidos.

A view from the south end:


I met up with one of my new friends here for lunch, and we ate looking out over the most badass swimming pool I’ve ever seen:

Ocean Swimming Pool

I could practically feel summertime when I closed my eyes in the sun, and remembered how much I loved living near the beach in Newport, the smell of salt, the sounds of seagulls, the feel of warm sand underfoot. I couldn’t wait to be here when the chilly breeze finally died down and the thermostat rose a few degrees, and I knew I absolutely, without a doubt, needed to live walking distance to the sand. Here or Manly still remains to be seen, but any commute would be worth waking up this every day.

One thought on “Bondi, Bondi, Bondi

  1. Love the blog – you’re giving me so much food for thought for our visit. I assumed since it’s winter/spring there in august that beaches were out of consideration. But this pic proves Bondi is a must on the itinerary!

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