Things I’m Loving Right Now

So here are a few things I’m loving about Australia so far:

– Tim Tams cookies. So. Good.
– This hilarious pork commercial that’s been on during the HGTV shows I’m watching
– Enough American television programs to make me happy, but the wonderful addition of British programs as well
– Sunshine and 70 degrees, in the middle of winter
– Nearly all the food in the grocery stores is local (Australian). More out of necessity than anything but whatever.
– I’ve been doing so much walking since I don’t have a car that daily gym visits are no longer a requirement (even though there’s one in my apartment building).
– There is always a bar within walking distance, no matter where you are.
– Men with accents, everywhere. Need I say more?

A few things I’m not loving, to be fair:

– Greek yogurt is a runny, gloppy mess. Nothing like my thick & creamy Fage 0%
– No Tapatio. Tragedy.
– It’s not Seattle summertime, and I would love to spend a day on the lake on a boat (so please stop posting your pictures on Facebook, dammit!)
– My pup is still halfway around the world from me.
– My friends and family aren’t here!

I’m keeping busy, trying to use the abundance of alone time to do something constructive, like read and write and apartment hunt. That will probably be taking up the majority of the next couple of weeks for me, so be on the lookout for progress updates!


The Wizardess

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