Parties, Hangovers, and Fun

So the complete and utter aloneness had finally started to get to me, the other night. I missed my friends. I missed my family. I missed my ex-boyfriend. I missed my dog. I didn’t like how quiet my apartment was at night, just me and nothing but time, time, time to think about all sorts of things I probably shouldn’t have been thinking about. Even the Australian HGTV wasn’t doing a good job of distracting me – most of the shows are the same ones we have in US, with a couple of UK additions. What I really needed was a good night out drinking, and fortunately, my workplace served that right up.
The first party was on Wednesday and was called 30 Under 30 – a celebration of the top 30 advertising stars in the industry. Two of the guys in the office were nominated (neither won – a horrible oversight on the part of the judges), so about five other guys from the office and myself went to the party. It was a smaller function, maybe only about 100 people, but it was in the Museum of Contemporary art in Circular Quay, which had a pretty stunning view of the Opera House. I don’t think I’m going to get tired of that anytime soon – but I guess I also never got over the view of Mount Rainier in Seattle either. The one thing that struck me the most was how dressed up the girls get for these things – full blown cocktail dresses, some of them pretty short/showy, work function be damned! I felt dowdy in a high-waisted, knee-length pencil skirt and flowy blouse. At least I was in heels! We ended up at this really cool speakeasy-type bar in the middle of the city, replete with a cigar bar and Roulette table (not for real betting, unfortunately). Plush couches, low light, ornate coffee tables, it was really a cool spot to be. All in all, I had a really good time with the guys, got to know them better, had a little too much to drink (as did the rest of my coworkers), stayed out too late for a school night, and got to meet some people in the industry.
After waking up properly hungover and heading to work, I knew what I wanted… In N Out. Obviously, that doesn’t exist outside of the Western US, but I needed some sort of juicy, all-American meat patty calorie-bomb to settle my stomach. Off I went at lunchtime to scope out the local fast-food, and I came upon a familiar looking logo with unfamiliar words. Turns out, Burger King is called Hungry Jack’s here. WTF? But the Whopper was the same, delicious and warm and like biting right into America. I immediately felt better, even if it meant I’d have to hit the treadmill a little harder the next day.
The second time around I was more prepared and went home to change into a cocktail dress, snappy heels and a blazer before the party. This was the Interactive Advertising Bureau Awards – celebrating the best of Australia’s digital advertising campaigns. I went with a coworker and met up with several more once we were there. I was told by someone there that I’d been published in the trades.

Not going to lie, it made me feel like a badass rockstar to the max. Anyway, I met about a thousand people, forgot a lot of names, drank loads of champagne, and ended up after-after partying until 2:30 a.m., since I still have to prove myself to the Aussies and the bars here never close. I had the good sense to chug a gallon of water when I got home, so I woke up in a better state than the day before. Which is a good thing, because I have to go out again tonight (not as late, most likely) to meet with a couple of girls I was introduced to by a mutual friend of a mutual friend. I’m exhausted, but maintaining my “not saying no to anything” philosophy, liver be damned!

Some photographic evidence:

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    • Certain things, YES! Beer is crazzzyyyy expensive (wine is not), as are certain fruits/veg at the market. But if you buy in season, it’s about the same. One thing I didn’t account for was public transit costs – it’s about $5 roundtrip for only a few stops! But it’s really been great so far and I’m sure I’ll get used to the cost of everything eventually. 🙂

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