Saying Goodbye to Seattle

Beyond my super sappy Love Letter/Ode to a City a couple of weeks ago, I had a proper goodbye party this past weekend, replete with champagne, dancing, and the pleasure of good company with great friends.

I mean, how could anyone not feel a little bit of a twinge saying goodbye to people who make you so happy you look a little retarded?

Or who make you look like you belong in a super badass (and possibly slightly demonic) girl gang?

I’ll admit, I’m not a cryer, but the combo of booze and my darling friend Megan who likes to tear up everytime she thinks about me leaving had me crying on a street corner at 2 a.m. in the middle of Fremont like a pimp-slapped streetwalker. Smudged mascara aside, it was a FABULOUS night. Now I only have one last hurdle to clear – the goodbye with the coworkers on Friday. Sure to be a tear/snot/booze fest as well. Gulp.

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